At PEP Health, we take a unique approach to patient insight

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We provide NHS trusts, commissioners and those responsible for setting policy the opportunity to listen to their patients, learn from what they have to say and start to measure their experience.

Our empirically proven platform provides real-time insights about patients' experience of care from millions of public patient comments. We analyse the comments using tailored algorithms to generate scores which highlight areas for celebration or concern and identify the reasons for improving or declining patient satisfaction.

Our analysis reveals national trends and accurately categorises comments based on internationally recognised Picker Principles, region, provider and department. This means we can report variations in patient experience and safe care provision across settings, and benchmark providers and health systems locally, regionally and nationally.

The PEP Health dashboard

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Real-time analysis
Always up-to-date with the latest comments and average scores
Benchmark and compare
Measure specific performance categories against national and regional averages.
Actionable insights
Quickly see and understand key patient experience highlights.
Search and filter comments
Query by individual care domains, divisions, services and more.
Spot positive and negative trends
Identify areas with the biggest performance gains and falls.

Key features of the PEP Health platform

FeaturesPEP Health platformLeading generic customer experience tools
Real-time dashboardticktick
Empirically proven to predict inspection ratingstickcross
Able to benchmark all providerstickcross
Sentiment Analysis coded using real patient commentstickcross
Ability to theme patient comments specifically to benefit healthcare organisationtickcross
Incorporate both internal and external patient commentstickcross
Flags potential safety concerns automaticallytickcross
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Dedicated to security

  • PEP Health is CyberEssentials accredited by the NCSC in the UK
  • Stored client data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and access is restricted to relevant employees only
  • Data is stored in compliance with all GDPR regulations
  • We only collect publicly-available social media data

PEP Health for
Healthcare organisations

We can help you to:
  • Gain actionable insights to improve the patient journey and experience at departmental, regional and national level
  • Benchmark your feedback against peers so you can recognise and learn from outstanding areas of care
  • Rapidly identify and correct safety concerns and areas for improvement before they worsen
  • Identify, reward, and learn from areas of best practice
Why use PEP Health?
Provide invaluable insight for your board members and those on the frontline – helping your organisation to know what’s really happening to your patients
Make improvements in real time – get a deep understanding of your patients’ voice so can improve services before crisis takes hold, reduce complaints and boost staff morale
Benchmark your organisation against others in the system - macro analysis presents a helicopter view of how your organisation compares to others regionally and nationally, in a single dashboard
Gain intelligence about the patient journey and experience - listening at scale and in real - time to a wide and diverse population of patients means you can act promptly and accurately to address what matters most
A scalable solution for the value - based healthcare framework – we can help with the co - creation of healthcare services and programmes by measuring the impact they have on patient - reported experience measure

PEP Health for insurance providers

We can help you to:
  • Improve CAHPS and STAR Ratings by harnessing the patient voice to improve your scores and predict outcomes
  • Gain actionable insights to improve the patient journey across all healthcare settings
  • Tackle patient safety and improve quality
  • Reduce your negligence, costs, and complaints by rewarding the right behaviours
Why use PEP Health?
Benchmark providers within your health system in real-time
Gain a better understanding of how patients view your products so you can improve your reputation across the health system
Best-in-class accuracy - our dictionary of healthcare terms and phrases allows a distinctive AI interpretation of patient comments, giving you a richer insight than consumer experience tools
Gain a competitive advantage - our consumer facing application gives you a unique product offering to generate new revenue and drive business growth

PEP Health for pharmaceutical companies

We can help you to:
  • Enhance clinical knowledge across common and rare and less common diseases
  • Identify reasons for regime non-compliance and treatment switching, including side effects, ease of use, and effectiveness
  • Gain real-time insights on patient experience at any point along the care pathway
  • Make informed decisions to better serve patients and find new growth opportunities
Why use PEP Health?
Listen and learn from your users - our data can be used to facilitate patient-centric design and support clinical trial focus groups to evaluate patient opinion
Understand the needs and wants of patients - use our data to provide insights into your customers
Discover what language your patients use to describe their illness so you can better tailor your product information leaflets
Inform and precisely tailor patient experiences so you can gain advantage over your competitors
Provide valuable insights for your teams helping you to know what’s really happening to your patients