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Patient feedback is crucial for unlocking value-based healthcare, yet the leading methods for capturing and interpreting it are surveys and patient forums, which are increasingly not fit for purpose.

Our Patient Experience Platform (PEP) combines millions of online sources that span social media to review platforms, as well as electronic medical records and internal hospital data, to deliver comprehensive real-time reporting of what patients think about their care and provide healthcare providers and payers with actionable insights which they can use to inform operational decisions that make a direct impact on the patient experience.


PEP Health transforms millions of patient comments into measurable and comparable insights in real time that can be used to:

  • Better understand patients as consumers
  • Benchmark variation in care
  • Increase Star Ratings
  • Provide transparency to unmet needs
  • Drive better outcomes
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> 35 million
public comments analyzed
healthcare locations
patient experience improvements reported by clients

As seen in:


  • Provide a consistent patient experience across the provider network.
  • Address member concerns and develop member engagement strategies.
  • Improve the Payer Plan's CMS STAR rating.
  • Develop value-based care with care providers.


  • Understand patient behavior for better operational decision-making.
  • Provide a higher standard of care across the health system and service lines within the system.
  • Improve CMS STAR ratings.
  • Design care by learning what matters most to patients.

We believe patient experience shouldn't be a tick box exercise.

Often patient experience is downplayed against clinical opinion, assuming that they don’t understand their care journey

Patient comments are empirically proven to be an accurate measure of patient experience - their feedback is more open and honest when given unprompted, on their preferred platform.

That’s exactly why we started the PEP Health journey - to democratise the patient voice.

Our belief is that the patient voice is a force for positive change, helping to improve the safety, effectiveness and experience of care.

We turn patient comments into actionable insights.