Improve your
patient experience

We use cutting-edge machine-learning technology to give healthcare organisations, regulators, and insurers the real-time, actionable insights they need to have a direct and dramatic impact on patient experiences.

We believe all patients deserve the best care possible. When done right, patient experience has the potential to transform healthcare and make a positive impact on patients’ lives.

The PEP Health platform:

Automatically collects online feedback in real-time and can combine it with data from internal sources.
Scores comments in relation to multiple patient experience domains as well as identifying the location and departments involved.
Provides an intuitive dashboard that helps to quickly identify concerns, promote good practice, and benchmark performance nationally.
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> 35,000,000
public comments analysed
patient experience improvements reported by clients
Easy to implement
rapid roll-out time

What can PEP Health do for me?


Healthcare organisations

  • Gain actionable insights to improve the patient journey and experience at departmental, regional and national level
  • Benchmark your feedback against peers so you can recognise and learn from outstanding areas of care
  • Rapidly identify and correct safety concerns and areas for improvement before they worsen
  • Identify, reward, and learn from areas of best practice
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Insurance providers

  • Improve CAHPS and STAR Ratings by harnessing the patient voice to improve your scores and predict outcomes
  • Gain actionable insights to improve the patient journey across all healthcare settings
  • Tackle patient safety and improve quality
  • Reduce your negligence, costs, and complaints by rewarding the right behaviours
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Pharmaceutical companies

  • Enhance clinical knowledge across common and rare and less common diseases
  • Identify reasons for regime non-compliance and treatment switching, including side effects, ease of use, and effectiveness
  • Gain real-time insights on patient experience at any point along the care pathway
  • Make informed decisions to better serve patients and find new growth opportunities
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Working with:

We believe patient experience shouldn't be a tick box exercise.

Often patient experience is downplayed against clinical opinion, assuming that they don’t understand their care journey

Patient comments are empirically proven to be an accurate measure of patient experience - their feedback is more open and honest when given unprompted, on their preferred platform.

That’s exactly why we started the PEP Health journey - to democratise the patient voice.

Our belief is that the patient voice is a force for positive change, helping to improve the safety, effectiveness and experience of care.

We turn patient comments into actionable insights.