Combining expertise and skills in quality improvement to improve patient care

Dr Mark Lomax


Seasoned healthcare entrepreneur and medical doctor. Previously founded, built and sold an award winning business, MediHome. Key customer was the NHS and still is asked to present his thoughts of “How to Crack the NHS” at various conferences.

Experience raising growth capital, international healthcare delivery, delivering high growth and building high-performing teams, delivering commercial success from the NHS.

Dr Alex Griffiths

CTO & Co-Founder

Data Scientist leading the design, development and implementation of the Patient Experience Platform (PEP).

Alex has over a decade of experience in healthcare analytics, including eight years leading intelligence teams at the Care Quality Commission, England’s regulator of health and social care and two years at the London School of Economics’ Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR) where he remains a Visiting Fellow.

Dr Meghan Leaver


Experienced health systems scholar and public sector special advisor, who led the development of a novel qualitative framework used to analyse millions of patient comments.

Before co-founding PEP Health, Meghan directed several key AI strategy and implementation projects in coordination with the UK central government and the NHS. Meghan is also a Senior Health Systems Researcher at the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Medicine, where her research focuses on patient safety, human factors and the contextual factors that underpin the delivery of safe and effective care.

PEP Health was founded by Dr Alex Griffiths and Dr Meghan Leaver. Having spent many years evaluating patient safety and quality improvement interventions globally they became frustrated by the mismatch between the data and what inspectors were finding.

Working closely with health systems in the UK and abroad, Dr Meghan Leaver generated a novel theoretical framework for extracting behavioural safety insights from text data, which provided the conceptual framework for themeing patient comments at scale.

By combining their expertise and skills in quality improvement and data science, Alex and Meghan built a first of its kind, scalable, real-time solution for listening to patients which proved an accurate measure of patient experience.

The PEP Health Team


Dr Joe Taylor

Lead Data Scientist

Leads the development of PEP Health's data models and analytics.

Joe has previously worked as a data scientist in the public sector and the energy sector. He wrote his PHD thesis on classification algorithms in machine learning.


Lukas Kruchna

Language Manager

Leads the language development and analysis for PEP Health.

Lukas holds an MA degree in Language and Linguistics and an MSc degree in Forensic Speech Science.


Kiel Christensen

Growth Manager

Leads the expansion of PEP Health's platform into the US market.

Before joining PEP Health, he led sales, marketing, and trade show execution for healthcare technology startups. He has been working in PEP's target markets for the last 7 years, and is PEP Health’s first US based employee.


Matt Honeysett

IT Manager

Throughout his career, Matt has gained valuable experience in implementing and maintaining technology systems, maintaining data security, and assisting healthcare professionals in utilising technology to diagnose and treat patients through remote platforms.

He is proud to continue to make a positive impact in the advancement of technology and on patient outcomes in healthcare.


Ben Griffiths

Data Scientist

Ben works within the data team helping collect and analyse patient experience data.

Before joining PEP health, Ben worked as a researcher, analysing body-worn sensor data for monitoring patients' physical activity patterns.


Maddie Albu

Data Scientist

Maddie works on data collection and patient experience insights visualisation.

She is an experienced clinical analyst with prior work in the medical device industry.

Maddie holds a MEng in Machine Learning technology applied to medical imaging.


Jo Mehat

Junior Data Scientist

Jo works on data collection and patient experience insights visualisation.

Before joining PEP Health, Jo worked as a medical writer, publishing manuscripts on cancer drugs, and prior to that spent many years working in life sciences research. She holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences.


Chris Bloomfield

Front-end Developer

Front-end web developer experienced at working with different data sources to produce responsive and intuitive user interfaces.

Previously worked for the BBC and the BMJ on the design and development of consumer and industry-facing websites.


Gabriele Luoni

Data Analyst

Gabriele works as Data Analyst, mining and analysing datasets collected at PEP

Before joining PEP he worked in academia, doing quantitative and qualitive research in Second Language Acquisition. He wrote his PhD thesis in Applied Linguistics, focusing on formal models of language processing.


Amy Kane

Data Analyst

Amy works as a data analyst, mining and analysing datasets collected across the UK and USA.

Prior to joining PEP Health, Amy worked as a scientist. This involved performing laboratory experiments and data analysis, making sure patients received accurate lab results. Additionally, she holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology.


Maria Krzyzak

Language Analyst

Specialises in language analysis and interpretation of patient experience across the UK and the USA.

Prior to joining PEP Health, Maria worked as a language technician in marketing. She holds a BA degree in Modern Languages and an MA degree in Linguistics.


Sophie Hampshire

Language Analyst

Specialises in language analysis and interpretation of patient experience across the UK and the USA.

Prior to joining PEP Health, Sophie gained experience in clinical proofreading and editing and worked for NHS Scotland. She holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Speech and Language Pathology.