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UK healthtech innovators showcased on G7 world stage

‘The next billion-pound digital health idea could be right here’ were the words being echoed in Cornwall House during the recent eHealth Innovation Exhibition, part of the G7 Summit. As the global leaders met to discuss how to create a stronger health system that can protect us from future pandemics, the latest UK-borne digital health innovations were being showcased to scores of delegates, advisors and journalists.

PEP Health were among the select few innovators chosen to exhibit by e-Health Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall (EPIC), a project led by the University of Plymouth and funded by the European Regional Development Fund. PEP Health is leading a paradigm shift in how patients’ views can be used as a force for good, and effect change for the better through its Patient Experience Platform which provides real-time insights about patients’ experience of care from millions of pieces of online data.

In addition to the global recovery from COVID-19 and preparedness for future pandemics, trade and climate change were also on the agenda.

“As a relatively new but innovative digital health business I’m immensely proud that PEP Health was invited to be part of the G7 activities,” comments Mark Lomax, CEO of PEP Health and a Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEO of 2021. “The UK has so much healthtech experience to share on the world stage and much of the ground breaking work being done by SMEs in the UK is scalable and exportable to other countries. At PEP Health, we’re preparing to enter new markets and the G7 Summit was an excellent platform to showcase UK tech. I’m sure I can speak for my colleagues from the other companies represented when I say that we’re all focused on what we can do to help under pressure health services at home and abroad recover from COVID-19, and be better prepared to deal with any future pandemic.

“The insight PEP Health provides is unique as we have the only platform that has been collecting and analysing online patient feedback across all social media and other sites before, during and after the peak of COVID. Wherever your patients are, continuously listening to what they’re saying is essential to make accurate judgements about which improvements are having noticeable effects. We give insight into which areas of the health service are performing well and where intervention is needed, all based on what patients say about their experience of the care system, in real-time.”

Hassan Chaudhury, Global Digital Health Specialist for the Department of International Trade (DIT) commented, “I’m delighted to see UK healthtech companies given the opportunity to showcase their exportable innovative solutions on the G7 world stage. Healthcare is under pressure everywhere and digital innovators in the UK have made significant progress in unprecedented times in demonstrating their efficacy and impact.”

PEP Health, who are also one of ‘the 25 to watch’ in the DIT First 100 Digital Health Playbook were joined at the G7 eHealth Innovation exhibition by SUDEP Action, showcasing their EpSMon app, a digital patient version of the free clinical Seizure and Safety Checklist tool, and Joy, the social prescribing referral and case management app.

About PEP Health

Our platform combines data from any online source, including social media, and produces real-time insights into what patients think and say about their experience of care. Through our rigorous application of data science and use of healthcare-based natural language processing, we show you how your departments and services are perceived, and what patients’ value.

Our approach to analysing the views of patients is unlike any other. The Patient Experience Platform (or PEP for short) delivers comprehensive real-time reporting of what patients really think about their care and provides actionable insights that inform decisions.

We share insights into safety, predicting areas of concern and flagging where urgent changes are needed. We enable you to compare your organisation with others and monitor the progress of subsequent actions. It represents a paradigm shift in how patients’ views can be used as a force for good, and effect change for the better.

We use machine learning to generate scores that are based on a patients’ judgement of their care. In addition to the numerical scores which can rapidly highlight areas for celebration or concern, we analyse patient comments to understand the reasons for improved or declining satisfaction helping you take action before issues take hold. We can even predict the outcome of your next CQC inspection.

Our algorithms reveal national trends and accurately categorise comments according to regions, providers and individual departments, giving a comprehensive understanding of the variations in patient experience across care settings.

We provide an ‘overall experience’ measure as well as segmenting the ratings into the eight commonly used quality domains of effective care; fast access; emotional support; continuity of care; involvement and support for family and carers; clear information, communication and support; involvement in decisions in respect of preferences; and appropriate environment addressing physical and environmental needs.

About Cornwall House / e-Health Productivity and Innovation Exhibition

Cornwall House is an exhibition telling the story of how, within a rural economy, the region’s innovative, creative and emerging sectors hold the answers to some of the biggest questions world leaders are asking. The exhibition focused on five key areas highlighting the sectors and opportunities which position Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly as a leading region in the green and digital industrial revolution.

Within the innovation zone e-Health Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall (EPIC), a project led by the University of Plymouth and funded by the European Regional Development Fund showcased some of the enterprises it currently supports with the development of eHealth innovations, including PEPHealth.