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Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs Of 2021

We’re delighted to announce that our CEO, Dr Mark Lomax has been chosen as one of the global Top 50 Health Tech CEOs 2021! Technology Innovators has identified the work done at PEP Health, led by Mark, as truly cutting edge and will support health systems help transform, improve and unlock value based healthcare around the world. We’re so proud and honoured that our CEO has been recognised in this way. As one of the youngest companies on the list, and one of only 4 UK companies listed we’re humbled and thrilled to be listed alongside so many unicorns and companies we admire and respect. On being informed of the award, Mark said, “I’m really delighted and amazed. It’s a huge honour for myself and the business as a whole and one we really weren’t expecting- behind every top CEO there’s a stellar team- and without the amazing team at PEP Health none of this would have been possible. Well done team!” Thank you to Technology Innovators and all those who have supported us on the journey so far.

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