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The challenges of relying on quantitative performance measures

Read the published paper Intelligent Monitoring? Assessing the ability of the Care Quality Commission’s statistical surveillance tool to predict quality and prioritise NHS hospital inspections now.

In 2017, the BMJ Quality & Safety Journal published a study by Dr Alex Griffiths and his colleagues at King's College London showing that the "Intelligent Monitoring" system used by the Care Quality Commission - the independent regulator for health and social care in England - did not accurately predict inspection-based quality ratings of NHS hospital trusts.

Despite the system monitoring over 100 quantitative indicators, including mortality rates, waiting times, and staffing levels, the system was unable to identify high-risk hospitals. The paper asserts that since the Intelligent Monitoring statistical surveillance tool cannot predict the outcome of NHS hospital trust inspections, it cannot be used for prioritisation, suggesting that a new approach to inspection planning is therefore required.

Read the study here.