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30 best hospitals for patient experience in 2024 - new ranking data released by PEP Health

The top 30 rankings are available now to download - if you'd like to know where your hospital ranks, get in touch at

PEP Health has released its 1st US-wide ranking of hospitals today that has been featured in Becker's Hospital Review. To rank the top U.S. hospitals for patient experience in 2024, PEP Health have gathered and analyzed more than 30M online patient comments, the 2024 hospital ranking is based on all comments collected from Jan. 1-Dec. 31 2023.

Unlike other ranking tables, PEP Health considers only the most recent data to provide an impartial and relevant ranking. Moreover, the trusted and validated analysis is independent of any methodological changes (such as those used in CMS Star Ratings), providing actionable and consistent insights into the real patient experience.

The top 30 hospitals across the US score on average 4.81 out of 5, and perform particularly well in Continuity of Care (30% higher than average), Attention to Physical & Environmental Needs (22% higher) and Fast Access (17% higher). In contrast the bottom 30 score on average 3.27 out of 5 and perform particularly poorly on Fast Access (28% lower than average) and Attention to Physical and Environmental Needs (25% lower).

For the first time, every hospital and clinic can be tracked for patient experience in real-time using the same meaningful methodology that reaches the often unheard voice of many patient communities. The potential impact for value based healthcare is huge. Mark Lomax CEO - PEP Health