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Key drivers of success revealed for the top 20 ranked US facilities for oncology patient experience

This month’s rankings reveal the top 20 healthcare facilities in the US for patient experience in oncology, available now to download. Leading the way is Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with a PEP Score of 4.95, followed by runners up, Piedmont Healthcare and Providence St. Joseph Health. With an average score of 4.91, the key drivers of success among the top 20 healthcare facilities are:

  • Continuity of Care: Smooth transitions within and across healthcare facilities, and continuity throughout the healthcare journey
  • Fast Access: Efficiency and ease of access to healthcare services, including timely appointments and availability of relevant healthcare professionals
  • Communication & Involvement: Clear information, communication, and active involvement of patients and loved ones in decisions around their care

Later this month, we continue our deep dive into patient experience in oncology with a closer look at breast cancer services compared to all other cancer services and a comparison of oncology versus cardiology performance. Stay tuned for more!

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