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Public satisfaction with A&E Plummeting - HSJ publishes latest PEP Health research

The Health Services Journal has this week published an article based on PEP Health's analysis of recent A&E patient feedback showing a dramatic fall in patient satisfaction levels compared to pre-pandemic levels. This research is in contrast to recently released CQC findings which showed public perceptions had improved, however this was based on survey data collected in September 2020, while PEP Health's data suggests this no longer reflects the current situation.

In the article PEP Health CEO Mark Lomax commented "We are strong proponents that you need real time data, because without it boards and operational teams and clinicians on the front line don’t necessarily know what to do with [data] if it’s 12 months late. Because by then it’s too late and so much has changed, especially in the dynamic world of covid.”

The full article is available to HSJ subscribers on their website.