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PEP Health at TMCi: Pioneering the Future of Patient Experience

Let’s listen to what patients are saying online, proactively and unprompted

– Dr Alex Griffiths, CTO and Co-founder of PEP Health.

At the TMCi Demo Day, Dr. Alex Griffiths showcased our groundbreaking approach to leveraging the previously untapped wealth of online reviews and social media comments for healthcare improvement. Our approach significantly surpasses traditional survey methods, helping providers become the top choice for patients by understanding their genuine needs and preferences. The platform boasts immediate, transparent insights into every patient voice and unmet need and unmatched benchmarking capabilities to track and improve performance, identify growth areas, and compare results against competitors in real time.

In today's environment, where patients increasingly behave like consumers, selecting the right healthcare provider is essential. Partnering with us not only boosts patient satisfaction but also significantly increases patient retention and referrals.

Our journey through the TMCi Accelerator, including opportunities to connect and collaborate with innovation leaders and the UK Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, Michelle Donelan MP, marks a pivotal milestone in our US expansion plans, positioning PEP Health as a leading innovator in patient experience. As we continue to amplify the voices of patients, we aren’t just envisioning the future of patient experience – we’re actively shaping it, leveraging millions of insights at a time.

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