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PEP Health patient feedback solution used by Milton Keynes University Hospital to improve patient experience

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is using the AI-driven PEP Health platform to analyse online patient comments and internally-collected feedback in real time. The trust, one of NHS England’s Global Digital Exemplar Fast Followers, is renowned for its commitment to digital transformation, and it is now working with PEP Health to create a bespoke patient experience dashboard.

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Nicky Burns-Muir, director of patient care and chief nurse at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said:

Ensuring our patients and, by extension, their families and friends have a positive experience while under our care is a top priority for the hospital. The insights we are getting from the PEP Health platform are already helping us identify where we can make tangible improvements to patient experience. The dashboard is quick, reliable, and easy to use, and also allows us to benchmark our insights against other acute trusts and national averages. And we’re confident it will help us to change the way we meet and exceed our patient experience targets.

Mark Lomax, chief executive of PEP Health, said:

By listening to patients across the whole trust it will be able to gain deep quantitative and qualitative insights into how patients experience their care. Other trusts using the platform have been able to improve their patient experience scores by 35% in a short space of time. The insight is also really effective for staff engagement, which is particularly important during this period when staff are tired and under strain.