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British Journal of Midwifery publishes patient feedback case study with Royal Surrey and PEP Health

The British Journal of Midwifery (BJM) has this month published a case study of the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust's experiences using the PEP Health platform to identify and gather publicly available feedback from social media and online patient groups.

From the article:

"The platform automatically identifies and gathers publicly available feedback from a variety of online platforms, including social media sites such as Facebook and online patient groups. The unit staff have found it invaluable to collate both positive and negative feedback monthly for each ward area to share at relevant meetings and drive service improvements.

During 2020, almost 800 comments were collected using this system, specifically from maternity services users that would almost be impossible to analyse manually. Across the Trust, it has been possible to access automated analysis and satisfaction scores, helping to make sense of over 5000 comments each month.

Prior to using this platform, the unit relied on face-to-face feedback and patient surveys, which were inconsistent in terms of response rates across touch points. Having the ability to draw on feedback from more sources and go to places where patients were already sharing their experiences has given better opportunities to learn from a more diverse group of service users."

The full article is available on the BJM website.