We are currently looking for a Lead Data Scientist to join our growing team. The vacancy close at 11:59 PM CET on Sunday 5th July. If you have any questions about the role or the application process please e-mail alex.griffiths@pephealth.ai. We look forward to hearing from you.

Job: Lead Data Scientist (NLP)

Why is it challenging & interesting?

At PEP Health, we’re on a mission to transform healthcare through a stronger and more-empowered patient voice. PEP Health listens to and makes sense of the millions of digital comments made by patients about their care to create real-time insights and trends. Many other companies have tried to make sense of this vast volume of data gathered across an ever-changing landscape, but only PEP Health have been successful. Accordingly, we have recently successfully completed significant funding to grow the team and ensure our impact is international.

Unlike staff at most companies, we have the luxury of coming to work with a sense of mission and pride. For the first time, millions of patient comments aren’t being ignored because they are too challenging to gather or too great in number to read through and interpret - a genuine patient voice can be heard. We are a focussed, skilled team across Europe and are proud of the work we do.


What you will do as our Lead Data Scientist?

Millions of items of patient feedback are generated every year; however, identifying relevant feedback, and the actionable insight it contains, is far from straightforward. Volumes are too great for manual inspection and off-the-shelf tools fail to tackle the specialist nature of healthcare services. Until now, a decade of calls from governments, regulators and patient groups has failed to result in an effective means of gathering and interpreting feedback to rapidly identify areas of concern.

As lead data scientist you will be responsible for developing bespoke models to identify relevant feedback, classify it, and assign a sentiment score. Moreover, you will participate in setting up and maintaining the NLP pipeline in which these models do their work, as well as designing and implementing front-end outputs to deliver this information to clients in a clear and meaningful way. You will be given the time to continuously develop, staying ahead of new analytic methodologies and technologies and collaborating with business functions to drive work solutions and direction.

In performing your role you will gain valuable commercial experience and develop an expert understanding of national healthcare systems, patient feedback mechanisms, and the content of the feedback.


  • Masters, or equivalent experience in a quantitative field (Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, etc.).

  • Experience in Python – in particular Keras, SciKit Learn and NLTK – and SQL.

  • Experience with a good range of NLP techniques, including text processing, tokenization, classification, POS-tagging, named-entity recognition, parsing, annotation, regular expressions, language modelling, information extraction etc.

  • Experience with modern deep learning approaches to NLP, such as word / paragraph embedding and representation learning using CNN / RNN / LSTM.

  • Ability to develop dashboards and data visualisations, for example using plotly dash.

  • Ability to put scalable Machine Learning models into production using the most appropriate technology stack.

  • Ability to take ownership over Data Science to launch new projects based on business opportunities and patterns you see in the data. 


Desired Skills and Abilities

  • Experience with containers and container management systems is a plus

  • Leadership, coaching and team development skills

What we can offer you
In return for your expertise and commitment, we will provide a flexible, fast-paced, and stimulating international environment that will stretch your abilities and channel your talents. We also offer competitive salary and benefits combined with the ability to do rewarding work with a real-world, social impact, and the opportunity to enter and help grow a promising venture from an early stage.


Location: The successful candidate can work from anywhere within Europe, with Amsterdam preferred.

Annual Salary: €63,500 – €75,500

Duration & Start Date: Full-Time Equivalent / Starting as soon as possible

If you have any questions about the role, please contact alex.griffiths@pephealth.ai

To Apply: Please send your CV to enquiries@pephealth.ai no later than 23:59 CET on Sunday 5th July.